Continuous Flow Chemistry


   Since 2013, our team has dedicated significant efforts to researching and developing Continuous Flow Process Technologies. Over the years, we have cultivated a team with flow chemistry expertise in project evaluation, small and commercial-scale flow device design, testing and manufacturing. The collective efforts of our flow chemistry team have resulted in the successful completion of over ten commercial projects utilizing Continuous Flow Technologies, with annual output reaching hundreds of tons.

    Our continuous flow technology platform has been implemented across a range of projects, encompassing nitrification, ozonolysis, chlorination, production of organometallic reagents, high-temperature reactions, low-temperature reactions, azidation, and more. Notably, our expertise excels in the development of processes and the scale-up production of multi-step reactions through the utilization of full continuous-flow processes.

    We offer customers a comprehensive one-stop service, covering everything from research and development to the establishment of production systems.