Biocatalysis technology has become a solution for sustainable development of green pharmaceutical manufacturing, addressing the increasingly serious environmental and safety issues faced by the industry. Compared to traditional chemical processes, enzymatic catalysis technology can offer inherent advantages such as reducing synthesis steps, enhancing the selectivity and efficiency of synthesis, and providing milder reaction conditions, thereby facilitating the development of environmentally friendly processes.

Our company adheres to the mission of "dedicating to the development of green technology, promoting the healthy development of humans and nature." We are continuously advancing biocatalysis technology, covering new enzyme discovery, screening, modification, fermentation, and immobilization. We optimize catalytic reaction conditions to ultimately achieve full-scale industrial applications. In addition, to overcome existing process patent barriers, our biocatalysis platform, based on high-throughput screening and enzyme catalysis applications, develops enzyme preparations with independent intellectual property rights.

    Our biocatalysis platform focuses on non-natural chiral amino acids, chiral amines, chiral alcohols, and other products. We have successfully conducted research and development as well as production of key enzymatic catalysis processes for multiple product series. This has led to the establishment of four enzyme catalysis platforms, namely enzyme resolution process, transaminase process, oxidoreductase process and lyase process. Our technical capabilities encompass tackling key challenges in areas such as feasibility research and development, process innovation, high-throughput screening of enzymes for CDMO projects.





Intellectual Properties

Unnatural chiral amino acids preparation









methyl (2R)-2-amino-3-(7-methyl-1H-indazol-5-yl)propanoate dihydrochloride


 Ketone enzyme development and application

S-2-fluorophenyl 1-ethanol




(S)-N, N-dimethyl-3-hydroxyl -(2-thiophene) -1-propylamine ((S) -DHTP)


Benzenemethanol, α-(chloromethyl)-2,4-difluoro-, (αS)- (9CI, ACI)


Transaminase catalysis and application



S- p-methoxyphenylethylamine


1-Methylethyl (3R)-3-aminobutanoate


Amino acid dehydrogenase

(αS)-α-Aminocyclopropaneacetic acid





1-Methylethyl (3R)-3-aminobutanoate