Fixed-Bed Catalytic Transformation Platform


    The Fixed-Bed Catalytic Platform is our characteristic technology development platform, dedicated to the independent development of heterogeneous high-efficiency catalysts, graphene-based catalysts, core equipment, and complete process technology. Our laboratories are equipped with multiple sets of multiphase reaction (liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, gas-gas) equipment, including catalyst screening and evaluation apparatus, pilot validation units, and scaled-up research facilities. These resources are applied to research and development of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals through reactions such as ketonization, amination, etherification, hydrogenation, and oxidation.

    Compared to traditional kettle-based processes, the Fixed-Bed Catalytic Platform demonstrates technological advantages such as high efficiency, environmental friendliness, low cost, continuity, and high automation. It has the capability to achieve flux scales ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of tons. Based on this platform, our company has successfully developed several products, including diethyl ketone, 4-heptanone, anisole, diisopropyl ketone, methyl propyl ketone, glyoxal, diethylene glycol amine, etc., all of which are in the industrialization stage of technology application.